Man kills his 5 kids, wife, mother-in-law & Himself, Police Say

A man in the little town of Enoch City, Utah has killed 8 persons including himself, in what police are describing as a family tragedy.

There’s no timeline as to when the incident happened but residents say they saw the family on Tuesday night attending a service at a nearby church.

The killer who was a father of five shot and killed all his kids, his wife, mother-in-law before ending his own life.

Investigators say the killings came two weeks after the wife had filed for divorce. Court records show that Tausha had filed for divorce on 21st December, 2022, after being married for 20 years.

Michael Haight, the father was 42, the wife Tausha was 40. The mother-in-law was 78. Their eldest daughter was 17, then another 12 year old daughter, twins(boy and girl) who were 7 and the last born, a boy, who was 4.

The incident was discovered on Wednesday after Tausha failed to show up for an appointment on Wednesday. Police patrol were later in the afternoon sent to do a welfare check on her only to find all the family dead.

Becky Thurgood, a close friend of the late Tausha, said she had filed for divorce last month.

President Joe Biden and his wife Jill have sent their condolences to the family, calling the incident “a tragedy.”