Kano Pillars and eleven others inducted into NNL

As part of concerted efforts to be admitted into the Nigeria National League (NNL), orientation training was offered to all new clubs on Tuesday in Abuja.

Eight clubs were promoted from Nigeria’s National-Wide League One, the third tier league, as a result of the sustainable construction strategy, and the four teams who were demoted from the Premier Class to the NNL gathered at the White Hart Hotel and Apartments, Wuye Abuja, for the induction.

The induction included the league’s status, structure, funding, and core principles.System, administration, staff, and legal requirements for club licensing.

The wellbeing of players and coaches as well as media coverage and management were all touched upon.While welcoming the new clubs into the NNL fold, Mr. Emmanuel Adesanyà, Head of Operations, expressed confidence that the program will aid in their correct and quick integration.

“It is our strong believe that this exercise will help put all of us on one page ,it is calculated to intimate us better with the dos and don’ts of Association football which we practice especially as it is in the NNL”For us the league in NNL is a big deal and we must get it right from onset,it is all about professionalism and it’s tenets”

“As we welcome you,we urge you to be prepared in all ramifications as a professional club ready to battle in the most important league in Nigeria”Emmanuel Adesanya promised to deliver an enhanced league for the 2022–2023 season.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Chikelue Iloenyosi, Chairman of the Anambra State Football Association, urged the newcomers to follow the regulations and do their part to boost standards.

“You must avoid the syndrome of a win at all cost especially when playing at home,and conducts that are capable of bringing the league to disrepute”

“Only discipline and utter professionalism can catapult the league to the height we all desire,so everybody must play his or her part .

Heartland, Kano Pillars, Katsina United, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries are the newest clubs to the league, which competes in Nigeria.

The NLO teams are Aspire FC, FC One Rocket, Hype Buzz FC, FC Ebedei, Madiba FC, Mailantarki Care FC, Police Barretta FC, and Smart FC.

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