OPINION| APC and their half-baked lies against Peter Obi

The APC have continued to look for new ways to discredit Peter Obi, Labour Party’s presidential candidate.

They have failed to find any corruption charges against the former Anambra State Governor. No scandals, no embezzlement claims.

In recent times, they chose to drag his name on the basis of the fact that he chose to invest State funds while Governor of Anambra than spend them on projects.

On Saturday, APC’S presidential spokesman, Festus Keyamo shared a tweet saying “This post here👇 on Peter Obi is the sum total of all we have been saying about him! Enjoy!”

For someone they claim stands no chance, the APC and by extension, the PDP talk a lot about Peter Obi.

In a recent APC campaign rally in Delta State, Bola Tinubu, the Party’s presidential candidate refused calling Peter Obi’s name, insisting that it is a thing of shame to even muster his name.

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