Woman threatens to divorce husband if he gains weight

A woman has said she will divorce her husband if he gains weight.

The woman whose name was not given said this on parenting site, MumsNet.

The woman who is believed to be British said her husband who eats a lot of fast food instead of the healthy meals she makes him is slowly becoming like her father-in-law. According to her, the father-in-law is morbidly obesed.

A file photo of a slim lady and a fat man.

The woman explained: “My father-in-law is morbidly overweight, struggles to walk, etc and I have nothing against him but dread the thought of my husband being like that. I’m sorry but I couldn’t stay, I want to be active and do things and to be doing that to your own body…

“He’s quickly heading to that direction though. Him and I never share a meal, he doesn’t eat the healthy food I cook. He would just order a takeaway instead.

“He says he loves my cooking but can’t see him eating it?? I batch cook things so there’s always healthy food in the freezer but he won’t eat it. I eat my dinner earlier as I don’t want to put on weight, I will only eat in the evenings if there’s a special occasion.

She continued: “As well, if we go for a day out I will eat and the kids will eat before so we don’t get hungry. He says he’s not hungry and as soon as we get there he will buy something unhealthy.

“This is exactly what his father would do. I just reminded him there’s some really delicious risotto in the freezer as he said he was going to get a takeaway, he says he hasn’t eaten all day.”


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