How My Late Mum Interceded For My Niece On Her Way To Hell After Drinking A Full Bottle Of Sniper – Nigerian Lady

A Nigerian lady, Mary Okeke has recounted how her niece drank a full bottle of sniper and how her late mum interceded for her on her way to hell.

She said the niece drank the full bottle of sniper out of depression.

Okeke said after everybody had given up that her niece was dead, she kept believing and praying to God.

She recounted in a tweet while reacting to a post by a brand influencer, Diji.

In Diji’s post, he asked his followers to narrate an incident that happened to them which made them believe there is God.

Diji wrote, “What’s that incident that happened to you that made you believe “There’s God”?”.

In his reaction to Diji’s post, Okeke said before they headed for the hospital, she forced red oil into her to neutralise the poison.

According to her, while on the way to the hospital, their car got spoilt three times, adding that when they eventually reached the hospital, the doctor informed them that her niece had a 50/50 chance.

She noted that her niece’s body became so cold that her dad began to cry, adding that people even came to sympathise with her.

Okeke disclosed that after three hours of being restless and praying in tongues, she heard her niece shout that “grandma I am returning.”

Below is her full narration.

When my niece drank a full sniper out of a depression that almost took her life. I was able to find help and we took her to the hospital. On our way to the hospital, our car spoiled 3 good times on the way. In short, on the way, her body was so cold that my dad started crying.

Everyone gave up and concluded that she is dead. I held her by the hand and reminded God that there shall be no loss. We later got to the hospital after much delay and God really fixed the car. The doctor confirmed that it will be 50/50. Before then I forced red oil on her to neutralize the poison.

I wasn’t with myself, I started calling her name, that she will not die. I reminded myself that names are spiritual. I didn’t give up on her at the emergency room. People came to sympathize with me. I told them to leave the place and that I can’t give up on God.

After 3 hours of being restless. I was praying in tongues, immediately I heard her shout grandma I am returning. To God be the glory she woke up. After she was discharged, I asked her what happened? That’s when she told me she saw my mum on her way to hell, mum was interceding for mercy and she was told to go back to the earth and fulfill her purpose. It can only be God. No matter what you are passing through, just know what God cannot do does not exist. Keep your hands straight.

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