If You’re Genuinely Sorry About Buhari, You Won’t Present ‘Detestable’ Tinubu – Henry Shield Tackles APC

Nigerian political activist and the Head Of Mission Leadership and Accountability Initiative (NIG), Henry Shield has tackled the All Progressives Congress (APC) over Bola Tinubu.

Tinubu, who is the presidential candidate of the APC, is alleged to be a former Drug Lord some time ago in the United States.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Shield said if the APC is genuinely sorry about Buhari, it won’t have presented Tinubu whom he described as a “detestable” character.

He wrote, “If APC was genuinely sorry about Buhari, they won’t have presented a detestable character like Tinubu.”

Recall that sometime in September, the political activist heaped curses on those supporting the presidential aspiration of the former Lagos governor.

The political activist, in a strongly worded tweet on his official handle, said may the lives of those that will be paid to market the APC candidate for president be “horrible, terrible and lonely.”

“All of you that’ll be engaged and paid by Tinubu to market him for President, may your lives be horrible, terrible, and lonely. May you never see the good Nigeria we are fighting for. Bring your nonsense, we are waiting,” his tweet had read.

In an earlier tweet, he told the former Lagos state governor that he will never be president.

“Dear Tinubu, you will NEVER be President of Nigeria.”

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