WORLD CUP: Focus on football & leave matters of Morality- FIFA Tells participating nations

The Federation of International Football Association(FIFA) has advised national teams participating in this year’s World Cup to focus on football and not moral issues.

The letter was signed by FIFA President, Gianni Infantino and the governing body’s General Secretary, Fatma Samora.

Some national teams have taken personal the poor treatment of immigrant workers who are allegedly being paid poor wages. However, the major issue other countries, especially western nations have with Qatar is their laws that criminalise same-sex relations.

There has been reports that the poor treatment of workers who have been instrumental in building hotels, roads and stadiums, have resulted in the death of some.

Countries like Wales and England are planning to include a rainbow symbol on the captain’s armband to highlight the discriminatory anti-LGBTQ laws in operation in the Middle East Country.

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