For the sake of peace, I’ll dialogue with IPOB if I become President- Peter Obi

Labour Party’s Peter Obi has said he will have a sit-down meeting with the IPOB if he wins next year’s polls.

Obi who hails from the South East, the same region the IPOB have been protesting to have removed from Nigeria, said agitations such as that put forward by IPOB are common in many other parts of the world.

“In our South-East, it is a simple thing, I will dialogue, I will discuss, it is a democracy, and in a democracy, you govern by consensus,” Mr Obi said this in an interview with Daily Trust.

“If anybody says he is not happy, you call him and you sit him down and discuss with him.”

He added, “People agitate in my house, my wife, my children. If you say to me you have lived with your wife all through and you people have never quarrelled, then you are not married. You disagree and settle it – that is agitation.”

Asked if he supports the Federal Government’s proscription of the IPOB, he said “I don’t want to go into that place. I have told you, I will dialogue with anybody, anything they like, let them call you, I will meet and we discuss.”

“I have said it times without number, Nigeria does not have more agitation than Brazil, if you want I will show you countries that have had agitations in the past, whether it is Brazil, Mexico, whether it is this,”,

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