Only Tinubu can turn Nigeria’s economy into Opportunities- Sanwo-olu

The Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-olu has stated that Bola Ahmed Tinubu alone has the capacity to resuscitate Nigeria’s economy.

Sanwo-olu who many see a the political stooge of Tinubu, said this after the latter met with major players in the private business sector in Lagos.

Observers of the event noticed that most of the business ideas presented and questions answered at the event were done by others but not Tinubu.

That has made many people wonder if Tinubu will be running the nation by proxy if he wins.

Sanwo-olu and Tinubu shake hands.

Mr. Babajide said in a tweet, “I believe that only @officialABAT has the capacity to turn the economic challenges of our nation into opportunities and I shared this today as he met with business leaders, investors and captains of industry across various sectors in Lagos to share his economic blueprint.

The immersion of private sector professionals in public governance was an idea fiercely pursued by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu during his tenure as Governor with his first-rate private sector-driven cabinet that remained the envy of every state government in the country .

With today’s session and his numerous engagements across Nigeria, @officialABAT continues to demonstrate his commitment and seriousness to drive the desired change expected in the national economy.

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