Woman watches in shock as Boyfriend tumbles to his death

A young man of just 25 years lost his life during a night out with his girlfriend in Kingston, London.

What was supposed to be a fun-filled evening turned tragic when James East tumbled into the River Thames and to his death while on Facetime with his girlfriend, Arabella Ashfield.

According to Daily Mail, the two lovers were in Kingston, attending a Arabella’s sister’s birthday.

Tragedy struck when Arabella got on Facetime in order to direct her boyfriend to the taxi. While on the phone with his boyfriend, he attempted to sit on a walled area of the bridge but mistakenly tumbled down as his girlfriend watched in shock.

East’s sister, Abigail Bladen, said: “His poor girlfriend, Arabella, was actually on Facetime to him trying to direct him to their taxi, and she has gone through hell now as she has watched that happen.

Arabella Ashfield watched on in horror on Facetime as her boyfriend James East (pictured together) fell to his death into the River Thames.

“He was in the water for 50 minutes and then they found him and took him to hospital where they worked on him for three hours to try and save him.

“When he had the post mortem, it was found that he was dead before he entered the water due to his head injuries, but they didn’t realise that.

“Because he went into the Thames they thought he had drowned. They were working on him thinking he had drowned when it was his head. They weren’t to know that.”

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