Rivers State University bans mini skirts, anklets, tattoos, others on campus

Authorities at Rivers State University Nkpolu- Oroworuko in Port Harcourt have listed a number of things students returning to campus must not be seen wearing.

In a statement signed by Dr. S. C. Enyindah who is the Registrar and Secretary to the Senate, the school banned wearing of mini skirts, anklets, amongst other things.

The school statement which was tagged “Ban on Indecent Dressing by Students on Campus,” was released on 19th October.

The statement read, “I am directed to inform you that Senate has banned indecent dressing by students on campus with immediate effect.“I am further directed to inform you that this ban is sequel to a memo presented by the Committee of Provost and Deans and considered by Senate at its 291 Regular Meeting held on Thursday, 29th September, 2022.

By this ban, it is now prohibited for any student to dress the following way on campus:

1. Wearing of “spaghetti gown” by female students.

2. Wearing of short skirt above the knees by female students.

3. Colouring of hair by both male and female students.

4. Sagging of trousers by both male and female students

5. Wearing of earrings by male students and nose rings by female students.

6. Wearing of tattoos by both male and female students.

7. Wearing of ankle chain by female students.

8. Wearing of long eyelashes by female students.

9. Wearing of gown/blouse that exposes the navel or breast by female students.

10. Wearing of tattered jean trousers by both male and female students

11. Wearing of birthroom slippers or bon short to the classroom.

The statement added, “I am in the circumstance, directed to draw the attention of all students to the above decision and hereby request that you please note and comply accordingly.”

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