I am 17, but I look 50- former model

A 17-year-old is suffering from a rare condition that makes her look like she’s 50.

Raizel Calago, from the Philippines, is 17 years old but looks middle-aged due to an undiagnosed, mystery genetic condition.

Raizel Calago is 17.

Raizel told Truly: “I have a rare condition that makes me look old. I noticed my condition in 2019, I was shocked and asked myself why my face was like this.”

PROGERIA, also called Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome

A progressive genetic disorder that causes children to age rapidly.

The genetic mutation occurs randomly and isn’t inherited.

When Raizel and her family started noticing the changes to her appearance she sought medical advice. “The doctors believe it could be progeria,” she explained.

However, she is waiting for a formal diagnosis. The teenager had previously been competing in beauty pageants, but over the course of two years her body began to age rapidly and her life was turned upside down.