Former UN official jailed for drugging, raping 20 women

A former United Nations’ official has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for drugging and raping women.

United Nations

Karim Elkorany who is 38 was alleged to have sexually no fewer than 20 women while on trips to Iraq and Egypt and back home in the USA, all of whom were close friends.

Nine of the women who testified at the Manhattan hearing described being haunted by not knowing details of their assaults or what drugs Elkorany used to knock them out, while noting his habitual abuse was an open secret.

According to NAN, a reporter, identified as Victim one, 31 years old and happily married was raped by Elkorany while on assignment in Kurdistan in November 2016.

She described the life-shattering trauma that followed as being like a cancer.

She described her memories of that night as “snapshots suspended in darkness.’’

“ Elkorany parks the vehicle in the garage of an apartment building, a place I never agreed to visit.

“The next memories I had was of being sexually assaulted. In the most excruciating one, I am being raped. I feel pain. I want to say no, but I can’t speak. I can’t move. I’m unable to escape.’’

Elkorany pleaded guilty in May to sexual assault charges and lying to the FBI.

Manhattan Federal Judge Naomi Buchwald imposed the stiffest sentence she could for those charges.


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