Nigeria has been sold to China- Man raises alarm

A Nigerian man on twitter has raised an alarm over what he considered Chinese take over of Nigeria.

The tweep, @Oyinkitana, said this in a Twitter thread he posted on Thursday.

He said:


“Do y’all remember that Chinese man that slaughtered a northern lady couple of month ago? He is actually a convicted killer in China serving his sentence in Nigeria and for those asking why China is setting up a police stationin Nigeria, They are setting up stations to curb and monitor the activities of these Chinese criminals and the exploitation of the resources in Nigeria.

“Do you remember those doctors and nurses that were imported to Nigeria from China during Covid? They were actually prisonerssent to Nigeria to serve their time.

“Your government made a deal with the Chinese government to bring in their excess population as part of the default clause attached to the agreement of the loan given to the Nigeria government and the Chinese are sending their criminal andconvicted citizens to Africa.

“Do you know what else the Nigeria government will be giving out to the Chinese government? Go to Osun, kaduna, Kano, Ogun, ekiti etc, you will see Chinese companies mining our soil, given out just 0.5 percent of the proceeds to the Oba or king of thecommunity and probably 10 percent as tax to the Nigeria government while a huge chunk of Nigeria resources such as copper, zinc, lead, gold, iron are being package and transported back to China.

“Mr and Mrs Nigerian investigative Journalists, you all are sleeping,we are gradually losing our country and getting recolonize by the Chinese and no one is talking about it. NIGERIANS WAKE UP!

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