Mid-October Musings[OPINION]

By Idongesit Imuk

Did the owners of the fast-rising transport company, BOLT, really take permission from Usain Bolt before franchising his surname in a string of what has become the most lucrative transport business in West Africa? The curiosity in me wants to know. The oxford dictionary council really, should consider revamping the next edition of the english dictionary they release. It wouldn’t be out of place to include the word “BOLT”, to the synonyms of “FAST”, “BLUR”, “SPEEDY” or “SPEED” whichever comes first.

Names are powerful! They all have spirits behind them! If a random name trial by entrepreneurs could land them a flourishing business with this name, the name of this man, one man who during his glory days, left the rest of the world running after him, panting in tiredness, trying to catch up with the speed his legs come with, literally!…then why can’t the english dictionary recognize this name? Don’t ask me what it’ll do for them, but it’ll definitely get more than the usual number of Jamaicans trooping to the pages of their dictionary, seeing if they can forgive dead colonial masters and looting monarchies years of fierce colonial rule.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t such a big fan of sports as a teenager, only grew into it of recent, but for a man whose love for onomatopoeia had him naming his kids after the elements of “Thunder”, “Lightening” and the ‘Saints” in heaven above, me thinks he deserves a place within the white man’s catalogue of words.

But what do I know? I’m just another tired nigerian medical student whinning about life’s trivialities on a mid-October morning!


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