Meet Joy & Joyce, twins that were born with their skulls Conjoined

Twins, Joy and Joyce Magsino are craniopagus conjoined twins from the Philippines – meaning they were born with their skulls fused together.

The twins.

At birth, the doctors gave the twins a 10-year life expectancy, but the now 14 year olds are thriving against the odds.

The doctors have said they are good health condition although they are just in grade 2 due to the challenges they have had to face. They turned 14 in February this year.

The twins on their 14th birthday back in February.

Separating Joy and Joyce is a possibility, but an incredibly risky operation that would cost the family $75,000. Their mother Jhomarie has left the country to work abroad, in an attempt to be able to save enough money to afford the operation.

When they were younger.

She told Truly: “When they were younger they were so difficult to look after, unlike today, they can look after themselves – now they can shower, feed themselves and also use TikTok.”

The twins love to record videos for social media, and have been slowly seeing their followers increase.

Their mum, Jhomarie and the twins

“We would like to be famous on social media someday so that we can save up some money for our operation,” Joy said.

Fatima, their sister.

The girls said they will love to be separated because they will be able to “move around easier and do things we can’t.”

SOURCE for full video: https://youtu.be/TWl_jGN0m6I

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