Man jumps into Lagos River after being Accused of stealing money

A yet to be identified man has reportedly committed suicide by jumping into Lagos Lagoon.

This was disclosed by one Facebook user, Blessing Ngozi who posted a video of the man talking to onlookers and of him taking the dive.

According to the caption, the man decided to take his life after he was accused to stealing money.

The man, it was said, committed suicide on Saturday at Idumota Bridge, Lagos Island.

Blessing wrote: “He was saying in oyinbo that they framed him that he stole a huge of money which he did not and they said they give him 24 hours to refund the money and he did not steal and for him to eat once in a day is a problem that where did he want to get that kind of money from within 24 hours so he is tired of life and he jumped down the bridge, it happened yesterday night at Idumota bridge in Lagos island. I am tired of this country the man just wasted his life.”

The man was captured to have said, “Where I was living, they accused me of stealing, I told them I am not the one that stole it. I was arrested by the police and I was asked to say my side of the story. Despite that, they still threatened to kill me.”

Despite pleas from the onlookers not to proceed with the suicide, he still went ahead to jump.

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