VIDEO: Apostle Suleman says he knows who the attackers are but Won’t name them

Apostle Johnson Suleman was reportedly attacked on Friday evening while riding in a motorcade.

According to him, he survived the attack together with his family, but 7 persons on the convoy, including two police officers were killed.

In a video, he said he knows who the attackers are but he won’t name them.

“The escorts car with the police, they kill the policemen and the other escort vehicle. We lost seven people. We were all moving in a convoy. People expect me to come out and mention their names so they will come out to deny I won’t do that.”

“They decided to make an attempt on my life. I just escaped an assassination attempt, where seven people were killed. My car was attacked, they opened bullets on my car, they kept spraying it with bullets, my wife and kid were there,” Mr Suleman said.

The cleric added, “But the truth of the matter is that you can’t kill me. My life is in the hand of God.

“You don’t have an idea of the things that happened in 2017, the people who are behind it. You may come and do your own thing but it is beyond what you are thinking,” Mr Suleman said.

“I’m alive for those who have been calling, I’m well, my family is fine. I feel bad for the life’s that have been taken. We are mourning but Jesus is lord. And for all those who were killed may their soul rest in peace.”

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