Woman narrates how she nearly got robbed by One Chance fraudsters

A Twitter user, Eniola has narrated how she nearly got duped by a band of one chance fraudsters.

According to her tweet, the incident took place on Sunday morning around Obanikoro.

She said the police were not of much help when she eventually got to the nearest police station to report the incident.

I just escaped being scammed, kidnapped or even killed. I’m panicking right now, I might sound scary


I was Obanikoro bus stop over an hour ago and after waiting for a bus for awhile, I decided to board a car that waved down

Car Type – Corolla
Colour – Silver
Plate Number-

Plate Number- LSD356GS / LSD356GC
I crammed the plate number as I was about to enter the car but I can’t seem to remember accurately now. I’m 90% sure that it’s either of the two above

The essence of this tweet is to raise awareness. These people are evil and everyone should be aware of their tactic. So I entered the car, told the driver I was going to Obalende and he asked me to come in. There’s a lady in the back seat and a man in the front seat. The driver is a man. I greeted as I sat and I didn’t get a response. We got to around Palmgrove and the

Lady said she wants to alight and her luggage was in the boot. The driver asked her what was in it and she said clothes then he said she’s lying that some fishseller alighted earlier and their fish tore the bag a bit so he was able to see the content. The lady now said she would confess that she’s coming from seme border and the money was stolen from her boss. She said she was a househelp and they signed a 6-year contract but her boss sent them away now when it’s just 5 years. Her friend stole gold and she decided to steal some million dollars. She saw 7.

7 bags of money and decided to take from it. At this point, I was trying to text my family the plate number. The driver asked if I was recording them and I said no. The driver said he would take the lady to his park and she would explain herself when she gets there. The man in

Front pleaded for her and advised the man to take part of the money as bribe. He then asked if I and the other man were police officers and we said no. The lady on the other hand, was begging me to plead for her. The driver then askd how much she wants to give everyone in the car

At this point, the car had been parked. Then she said she has something to say, that there’s a “Tira” on the money. I don’t know what Tira is but I know it’s an Islamic stuff. So she said she wants to take the money to her sister so they can pray on it before she starts to spend

I just knew they were scammers at that point so I asked for money back and alighted. I was in shock of what had happened, I took the next bus to Onipanu to report at Shomolu Police Station. A female police officer attended to me and said only greedy people would have fallen for that, she commended my non-greediness, LOL! She asked me to write down the car details, my name and phone number. I’m kinda disappointed though, I expected more proactiveness but this is Nigeria, I guess. I just hope no one falls victim of these evil people🥺

BTW, I saw Soole The Movie on Netflix last night…now, that I’m thinking about it, it feels very creepy. Lol! I also need to mention that I saw a police vehicle on my way to report at the police station, I waved down nd they didn’t even wait. They could ve helped in apprehending these evil pple

Evryday, we see reasons why we deserve a better Nigeria. Hopefully, it won’t be just a dream.

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