Tinubu Boys Charge Market women 5k for boycotting Rally, Threaten to evict them if they Vote for Obi[VIDEO]

There are rumours making the rounds that market women in Lagos are being harassed by suspected touts, popularly known as agberos.

This was confirmed by a Twitter user, Chudemedia, who claimed he went around Jakande market inquiring from market women why their shops were closed.

According to him, the shops were locked because the owners didn’t show up at Tinubu’s rally which held on Sunday in Lagos.

He said, “Agberos are going around locking shops in Jakande Market, I made inquiries from the market women to find out why they were locking their shops & I was told d shops belong to those who didn’t attend the APC rally yesterday.”

The tweet:https://twitter.com/ChudeMedia/status/1579503945147650050?t=2OZHDXqBm3V1BvJJUQuTlw&s=19

“We will send you packing if you vote for that Igbo man, you cannot have your business in Lagos and not vote Tinubu,” said Chudemedia, who claimed the agberos told the women so right before his eyes.

“They said we should pay 5,000 naira because we didn’t attend Tinubu’s Rally yesterday,” said a lady in the video seen by Switch Nigeria.

According to Chudemedia, the man on longsleeve and jean trouser is the chairman of the market, he is going around the market closing shops belonging to those who didn’t attend Tinubu’s rally yesterday.

Another woman said, “Na force they force us to go the rally, no be say we dey support Tinubu, I’ll leave Lagos during election because I can’t bear this intimidation.”

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