I saved my Child from Abortion, Today he’s saving lives as a Microbiologist- US Army Veteran

A United States Army Veteran, Tre Pennie has narrated how a decision he took as a teenager has helped better the lives of others.

Pennie and his son.

Pennie who is a Texas Conservative running for Congress made this known on Twitter on Sunday.

He said when he got his then 16-year-old fiancee pregnant, her parents wanted to get rid of the baby, a decision he was against. But they wouldn’t listen, until he joined the army.

Tre Pennie.

“At 16 my girlfriend got pregnant. Since we were both teenagers, her parents sought to abort the baby. I pleaded to keep my baby, but they refused. After I joined the Army, they relented. Today, that child is a microbiologist that does early disease detection for expecting mothers,” He said in a tweet.

He added, “Those decisions have real-life consequences! I was just a kid from the “hood” with nothing to offer. This was the first time I found prayer. After I joined the Army to show my dedication to keeping the child. God humbled their hearts days before the procedure. History was made!”

In another tweet, also on Sunday, Pennie posted a picture of his son and himself, taken in 2017 when he bagged his doctorate in education, while his son that was saved from abortion, bagged a masters degree in science.

“Part 2 of an amazing story: In 2017, my son and I both graduated from @TexasTech on the same day. I earned my Doctorate Degree in Education and he earned his Masters Degree in Science. This was one of own proudest moments in life because we understood the challenges. Thank God.”

Many people cite pregnancy due to rape, pregnancy due to incest and teenage pregnancy as reasons to abort, especially in the USA where pro-choice activists push for that. But Pennie’s brave decision has shown that something good can come from something bad. And there are many other stories like his.

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