Road Safety announces Road Diversions due to Rising flood waters in Lokoja

The Federal Road Safety Commission(FRSC) has announced that some roads linking Northern Nigeria with the South should be avoided due to the flood in parts of Kogi State.

According to the statement released by the Commission on Thursday, the flood has affected Kortonkarfi in Lokoja.

The statement therefore asked those travelling to the South-West have been asked to take the Suleja-Bida-Mokwa road.

Meanwhile, those travelling to the South East and South South regions are to follow through Nasarawa-Oweto Bridge-Adoka-Otupka axis.

The statement which was titled PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT read,
“This is to inform the general public, that owing to the flooding around Kortonkarfi in Lokoja, which has impeded the free flow of traffic on the Lokoja-Abuja Expressway for the last two days.

“Motorist travelling to the South-West region of the country are kindly advised to take the Suleja-Bida-Mokwa road, while those travelling to the South-South/South-East regions are also advised to go through Nasarawa-Oweto Bridge-Adoka-Otupka axis.

“This is due to the fact that the water level may take another two or more days to subside. Thank you for complying.

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