EID-UL-MAWLUD| Are we not tired of public holidays- Aisha Yesufu asks

Human rights activist, Mrs. Aisha Yesufu has reacted to the upcoming public holiday scheduled to hold on Monday.

The lslamic holiday, Eid-ul-Mawlud, which is an event to mark the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, is coming just a week after Nigeria marked her 62nd Independence Day celebration, which was another public holiday.

Nigeria marks an awful amount of holidays, something that is not done in most western countries.

Public holidays take billions worth of Naira of revenue, due to businesses not opening on such days.

After Mr. Rauf Aregbesola announced on Thursday that Monday would be public holiday, Mrs. Yesufu asked the question in a tweet:

Turns out that she is not alone. Many Nigerians feel the holidays are one too many.

@Lexyzdoo said: https://twitter.com/Lexyzdoo/status/1578305365674188800?t=5ntMoT4Gsxk2rk2m6Ni2SQ&s=19

Emmanuel Usen said, https://twitter.com/EmmanuelUsen9/status/1578305512961363970?t=WMqzyxsn_RgzOB0Q3T7u5g&s=19

Udoka said, https://twitter.com/UdokaKristian/status/1578304860692578305?t=GqTBrbfazJmQ4PqH7sFtaA&s=19

Ambassador Eddy said she should be more specific on the holiday: https://twitter.com/ambassador_eddy/status/1578304653250347009?t=5sSl0VjtJh8cdQufNLtcfQ&s=19

Alawaiss said, https://twitter.com/alawaiss/status/1578305391477534720?t=DqcM5weSgrAusBqU7WPFeA&s=19

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