Nigerian man arrested in Los Angeles after 68 armed Robberies in 1 Year[VIDEO]

Chukwuma Onwuemelie

A Nigerian man, Charles Chukwuma Onwuemelie, has been arrested by the Los Angeles Department’s Robbery-Homicide Division for serial robbery.

Between October 2021 and the time of his arrest on September 23rd, 2022, no fewer than 68 armed robberies have been linked to the suspect by investigators.

The 29-year-old Nigerian was reportedly arrested on the 23rd of September 2022, moments after he robbed again, after a well planned surveillance.

Chukwuma who lives at his Quartz Hill, was arrested after further evidence linking him to the robberies, namely a firearm, was found at the said residence.

The information on the police website says Chukwuma always struck by using a blue cloth to cover the handgun used in the robberies that occurred at gas stations, 7-11s and Walmarts.

He would further conceal himself by wearing different hats, a face mask, and rubber gloves. The same vehicle was used in many of the robberies, and the same suspect was linked to the robberies based on several factors.

According to LAPD website, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office filed 16 counts of 211 P.C. – Robbery, for the robberies that occurred in the City of Los Angeles on September 27. It is anticipated that additional charges will be filed by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department related to the robberies that occurred within LA County borders. It is believed that the suspect may be wanted for additional armed robberies in the area.

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