Meet the Mwila Tribe whose Women plait with Clay & animal Dung

The Mwila or Mumuhuila tribe is a semi-nomadic tribe based in the southern Angola community of Huila.

The Mumuhuila people, like the Tiv people of Benue State, Nigeria, are of the Bantu extraction and are one of the earliest Bantu people to migrate to their current location.

They are known for their distinctive haircuts worn by their women.

In Mumuhuila culture, these hairstyles are of incredible value and significance. Women apply a red paste consisting of red stone dust to their hair.

On their hair, they use a mixture of oil, dried cow dung, and herbs.
As a show of attractiveness, they also add beads to their hairstyles and do not shave their heads, as shaving is considered a crime to beauty.

The dreadlock-like plaits have a specific meaning. Typically, women and girls have four to six dreadlocks; if they have just three, though, a family member has recently passed away.

Women never take their necklace off and have to sleep with it. They also use headrests to protect their hairstyles.

However, more and more men and women dress in a western way, because people make fun of them when they go to markets. Mwila are not allowed to mention people’s name in public.

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