OPINION| Queen Elizabeth II, Uju Anya & the Hypocrisy of the Woke Mob

By Deve Fassam

Last week, the world watched as Queen Elizabeth II was buried. It was on record that no less than 4 billion people tuned in to watch the televised funeral procession.

But amidst the cheers and the eulogies, the fanfare and the praise, were also some jeers and insults, vitriol and boos aimed at the late Queen and all that the British monarchy embodies.

While Prince of Wales, now King Charles III, his kingdom and all other sympathisers mourned the Queen, the far left, the woke mob seized the opportunity to tell black people that they should be upset.

They referred to the longest serving Monarch in British history as a colonist, a murderer, positions I am not interested in defending.

I am more interested in covering the stark contrast regarding the individuals who attacked her and their positions on previous things that occurred within the black race over the years.

In this article, I will cite just one example, which can be used as a one-cap-fits-all example.

Late Queen Elizabeth II

Just moments after the world heard of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, she felt it was the right time to send a vicious tweet to make known her anger towards the late Queen.

This is nobody else other than Nigeria’s Uju Anya, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg who tweeted on the 8th, saying: “I heard the chief Monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire is finally dying. May her pain be excruciating.”

Well, there are many things she said in that tweet that one can focus on, things one can assume bother her. But to keep things short, I will focus only on rape.

In 2020, one Jacob Blake was accused of digitally raping someone. He showed up at the residence of a woman he had previously assaulted with a knife and the woman called the police on him. Police told arrived and told him to drop the knife, which he refused to do. The knife would be later recovered from that scene.

And Prof. Anya had the following to say about him “Jacob Blake is a family man. His sister Letetra Widman reminds us all that he has people and he is somebody’s people. No image you paint of him erases that. No story you tell alleging his lack of worth justifies the crime police committed against him.”

Anya was not concerned that a woman’s life was threatened; she doesn’t care that a woman was assaulted and digitally(fingering instead of using the penis). It doesn’t matter if Blake was a knife-wielding maniac. What matters to Anya and the woke mob is to play victim. They care only about redefining things to suit their narrative. Kings and Queens are no longer those who are exceptional in their fields of endeavour. No, the woke mob now sees kings and queens as whoever they say is king and queen.

Jacob Blake.

Jacob Blake is a king not because he has lived an exemplary life. But because he was severally shot by a white police officer for refusing to drop a knife. This writer is not even saying what the police did was right.

Karen Attiah of the Washington Post also expressed similar sentiments about the passing of the Queen. She said people of colour the world over are allowed to have to feelings about Queen Elizabeth after all, they were her subjects too.

In another 2020 tweet after the murder of George Floyd, Karen Attiah tweeted “George Floyd better get Time’s Person of the Year.” In her skewed logic, Queen Elizabeth is a horrendous person under whose watch black people all over the world have suffered, but George Floyd better gets Time’s Person of the Year.

George Floyd.

Before his unfortunate murder in 2020, George Floyd had nine arrests in total, including ones related to drug charges and criminality. He once broke into a woman’s house and robbed her with a gun to her tummy. This is the man Karen wants Time people of the year given to.

These are the double standards of the far left. I am not in anyway excusing the many wrongs of the British Empire, neither am I dismissing the scandals that have muddied the Royal Family for ages. I am merely saying what is good for the goose, is good also for the gander. I am calling out the double standards of the woke mob.

Blake and Floyd are venerated and called heroes of the black community only because they suffered violence at the hands of white men. If they got shot at or killed by their drug use, or by fellow black men, as has been the case in black American communities, their hero status would drop.

Black Americans constitute just 6% of the over 300 million population of the United States, but they commit over 40% of all crimes in the country. Yet, the so-called black activists, when they get a chance to speak up and change things, they don’t ask why black people are always getting arrested, they single out the rare cases of police abuse of black people. They make it about race. They blame it on slavery and on a dying British Empire and their dead Queen.

Prof. Uju Anya

Uju Anya is living and working in the United States. She won’t talk about the many Nigerian public office holders that have contributed in making the nation poorer; she won’t talk about the fact that our black ancestors made slave trade easier for the white man by selling their brothers and sisters for mirrors and gin; she won’t see herself as the hypocrite that she is, that instead of staying in Nigeria, away from a United States of America that was taken from native Indians, built by the blood and sweat of her ancestors and completely abhor everything English.

If only we could fight real issues and quit pointing fingers and playing the blame game and putting all our failings on slavery and colonialism.

Whenever the black man is able to do that, that is when the black man will thrive.

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