It’s My Duty to Convince Imo People to Vote Tinubu- Uzodinma

The Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma has claimed Imo Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the APC is the man to beat in next year’s presidential election.

Uzodinma who is known by his people as the “Supreme Court Governor,” which is a sly dig at the way he got into office, will have his reelection bid a tough task because he has never been popular with his people.

Speaking on a Channels TV programme, Uzodinma said he will be telling his people to vote in the former Lagos State Governor, Tinubu.

“I belong to a political party. I have the responsibility to convince my people that my party has the best programmes for the country. I will convince voters,” he said.

“Let me take the programmes of my political party to my people; let me market the programmes of my political party to my people. Let the election come, let my people vote. Then, the outcome of the election will determine whether they accepted my party or my candidate,” Uzodimma added.

“The presidential election is an election for Nigerian President, not for Igbo President…Bola Ahmed Tinubu is candidate of APC to be President of Nigeria, not President of Igbo, or Yoruba or Hausa,” he noted.

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