iPHONE 14| A Status Symbol or a Problem Solver[OPINION]

Apple Inc has unveiled its latest version of the iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 14.

Tech experts are raving about Apple’s latest iteration of the porsche mobile device.

Apple’s latest iPhone 14 pro models

For starters, the iPhone 14 comes in four models: the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 plus, iPhone 14 Pro and the top of the range iPhone 14 Pro max.

The first two come with last year’s A15 bionic chip, while the last two, the Pro versions come with the latest A16 bionic chip. The cameras on the pro models are also better, with the main shooter now housing a 48mp shooter with a telephoto lens incorporated. The camera lens are also slightly bigger than last year’s models.

In addition, they now come with satellite connectivity, which will enable them send messages using satellite connectivity, even when the user is out of network range.

Aside the main specs, Apple have added a purple color to this year’s versions. Also, the Pro versions come with a pearl shaped cut out, replacing the larger-than-life notch Apple has had on their phones since iPhone 10. They have also found out a way to make the pearl-shaped cut out that houses the proximity sensors and the selfie camera look more appealing and useful with what they are calling ‘dynamic island.’

They also decided to remove the sim card slot on the pro models. Instead, the Pro models will ship with e-sims for the USA and Canada markets, just like their satellite connectivity feature is only available in the USA and Canada. See the full specifications here.

But the question most people are asking is, are Apple losing the battle for innovation? Android phone makers like Samsung gas since found a way to make foldables, reduce the space occupied by the selfie camera and proximity sensors to a pin-hole cut-out. In fact, their Fold 4 has an under display front facing camera.

Meanwhile Apple are only just introducing always on display, a feature Nokia incorporated in their symbian phones as far back as the mid 2000s, and one which Samsung and other manufacturers that use oled panels on their smartphones have been using for at least more than five years now.

The dynamic island on show.

Similarly, the iPhone 14 is bringing with it the battery percentage meter which basically tells you the percentage of charge left. But Samsung and all android-based devices already have that feature.

Rival brands are mocking Apple for lacking innovation. The model numbers keep changing, the price keep increasing.

But are Apple losing the market as much as they losing the innovation battle? No. On the contrary, Apple are still making alot of money, ahead of its rivals. They were the first to reach $3 trillion market capitalization. Last year, their revenue keeps increasing. Last year, their 3rd quarter revenue was $81 billion whilst in 2022, their revenue has grown to $83 billion.

So clearly the problem is not money. The problem is culture. The Apple of Steve Jobs’s day was an innovative company. But the Apple of today is customer retaining company. The focus has changed. If they want to sell more iPhones, they don’t need to innovate, they merely need to make some minor tweaks to what they already have and customers will upgrade.

For instance, there is substantial evidence that older iPhones tend to slow down, forcing iPhone users to upgrade, which translates to more money for Apple.

When was the last time Apple solved a problem? Yes the phones are faster, the cameras could be better but other companies are doing that as well. There is nothing unique about a faster processor. One tends to wonder if Apple merely wants to be a status symbol or they want to solve problems?

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