Britney Spears Comes out as an Atheist

About a year ago, American singer, Britney Spears claimed she was a Roman Catholic. This came from a now deleted Instagram post and a couple of videos. She occasionally posted prayers, including the Hail Mary, with her Instagram bio even reading at the time: “Pray Every Day.”

But now she has come out as an atheist and says she no longer believes in God. Ms. Spears was raised in a Baptist home.

Her recent change of mind was made public in a YouTube video, which she attributed to her prolonged issues with her own father.

She concluded by saying, “but like I said, God would not allow that to happen to me if a god existed. I don’t believe in God anymore because of the way my children and my family have treated me. There is nothing to believe in anymore. I am atheist y’all.”

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