7 things that Will Happen now That Queen Elizabeth is Dead

The following things will happen now that Queen Elizabeth II has passed.

1. Prince Charles becomes king. Charles became heir apparent when he was 3 years of age and has been Britain’s longest serving heir apparent in history.

2. Anthem is changed from God save the Queen to God save the King. The first time the anthem will be changed in 70 years. Yes the Queen reigned that long. Britain’s longest serving monarch.

3. Comedy shows will be cancelled for 12 days. Even the Premier League may be suspended for this weekend. Sorry football fans.

4. The current notes and coins would slowly be withdrawn from circulation. King Charles will be on the new notes.

King Charles’ eulogy to his mother.

5. There are ready-made stories about her life & they will be released soon. BBC staff have black suits ready to change into anytime.

6. London stock market will close for a day.

7. There will be 12 days of mourning but only her funeral date will be a national holiday.

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