VIDEO: Gun man Attempts Shooting Argentine Vice President, But Fails

Argentina’s leading political figure, Cristina de Kirchner survived an assasination attempt after the attacker’s loaded Bersa 9-millimeter gun failed to fire at point-blank range.

Cristina de Kirchner.

The assailant was immediately grabbed by bystanders and has been taken into custody.

De Kirchner, who is the 37th vice president of Argentina was greeting her supporters outside her home in the Recoleta neighbourhood of Buenos Aires at 9pm on Thursday.

Her supporters gathered at her home for days to protest against corruption charges filed against her at court.

The footage released by the Guardian shows a man pushing through supporters, raising a gun to de Kirchner’s face and apparently attempting a shot with the pistol, which seems to misfire. Some reports said the man pointed the gun at de Kirchner but did not fire.

The two-time former president, Argentina’s leading political figure, can be seen reacting, covering her face and crouching down. She was reportedly unharmed.

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