NASA Launches Artemis I Mission to the Moon

The National Aeronautic and Space Administration(NASA) is on a mission to return human beings to the moon.

The Artemis I awaiting its launch later today.

It’s inaugural Artemis I mission will be an unmanned expedition around the moon and will also serve as a practice mission for the subsequent expedition to the red planet, Mars.

Nearly 50 years after the last mission to the moon, NASA is once again counting down to a lunar launch. The Artemis I mission is scheduled to blast off from Kennedy Space Center later on Monday.

Space enthusiasts around the world are watching as NASA counts down to the launch it hopes will lead to humans returning to the moon, and then on to Mars. The first Artemis mission is scheduled for lift off tonight if the weather doesn’t have other plans.

NASA’s Artemis I is a £19 billion(N9.3 trillion)Space Launch System rocket will blast off on a 42-day journey around the moon – with Snoopy and Shaun the Sheep on board.

NASA’S timetable for space exploration

NASA Administrator, Bill Nelson said it is the “world’s most powerful rocket ever.”

If all goes to plan, subsequent Artemis missions will follow, sending astronauts around the moon and back.

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