Meet one of the Ugliest Animals in the World- the Hammer-headed Bat

Along Africa’s equatorial region exists a unique specie of bat known as the hammer-headed bat, with its widespread wings and high pitched noises.

The hammer-headed bat, also called Hypsignathus monstrosus by scientists, adorns the night skies of countries along the Equator.

However, despite its intimidating looks and sheer size, the nightwalker poses no direct threat to man. It’s choicest food is still fruits, like most other species of bats prefer. It is a frugivore, not a carnivore despite its intimidating looks.

The hammer-headed bat has a wing span of 38 inches and weighs about a pound.

Female hammer-headed bats look much like other bat species, however their males have prominent lips and larger-than-life snouts, making animal lovers to dub them one of the world’s ugliest animals.

Because of their affinity for fruits, they pose a threat to man in that they eat man’s food, a situation that has put them at loggerheads with farmers in Angola and Senegal where they are most prevalent.

This artistic impression of the male hammer-headed bat appeared in an American museum as far back as 1917.

Because of their large sizes, they are also hunted as bush meat. While many people don’t eat bats, the hammer-headed bat is loved for meat due to its size.

However, aside being an economic menace to man, they also are a source of noise pollution. Their larynx and rostrum are enlarged, creating a resonating chamber that makes it easier for them to create the loud honking noises that attract the females, which on the other hand do not attract humans.

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