In Morocco, Goats Climb Trees in Search for Food

Interesting animals are found all over the globe, with Switch Nigeria recently bringing you exclusive info on the wildlife of Madagascar.

One of such interesting animals are the tree-climbing goats of Morocco.

Only in Morocco will you find goats perched atop Argania or argan trees snacking on its pulpy fruit. The tree is prickly and thorny, so a lot of animals wouldn’t ever risk climbing it, but these goats do it for the tasty fruit.

For the chance to have a taste of its sweetness, they often risk it all to ascend the heights. And they have the hooves to protect them from the thorns too.The goats climb this tree, consume its fruits, and then spit out the seeds, which the villagers then use to produce oils and herbal remedies.

Large parts of Morocco are deserts, especially south of the Atlas Mountains, making food availability there very scarce for animals. So they climb into the branches and eat whatever they find on there.

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