VIDEO| Man Captures 25ft Python with Bare Hands

Ever wondered how big snakes are captured and kept as pets or as zoo animals?

A man simply known as Tarzann makes a living from catching and playing with dangerous animals.

In the video seen on Twitter, Tarzann caught a large python about 20-30 feet long in a forest in Kalimantan, Tengah, Indonesia.

As he struggled to tightly grasp it, without letting it slip through his bare palms, he said “I can’t let this guy go, because he will mess me up. This guy is gonna wrap me up easily the moment he gets those coils over my hands. This guy is beefy men.”

He added that “you gonna watch those coils men, because they get around your neck and ooh.”

The caption simply read: “how long do you think this python is?”

The Indonesian locals stood by at a distance capturing the incident.

It is not clear what he does with the snakes. But he seems to have the body and skills built for it.

Pythons are non-venomous snakes known as constrictors because they kill by constricting their prey or catch. This however, doesn’t mean they can’t bite.

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