Doctors Warn Against Trend of Using Vaginal Discharge as Perfume, called Vabbing

Ever heard of vabbing? I guess not. Vabbing is a new trend that sees young women use their vaginal fluids as perfume.

How it is done.

Made popular by American tik-tokker, Mandy Lee, vabbing has been promoted by its proponents as a way of attracting men, the same way some female animals attract male mates by secreting pheromones. Mandy has since gotten over 1.5m viewers since she came out with the trend.

Swabbing is carried out by rubbing the walls of the vagina with a finger and smearing it on preferred body parts, where one would usually apply perfume. There’s no prove whatsoever that this works on men like it works on animals.

Also, UK experts have warned against this, saying it has serious risks of vaginal infections, including thrush.

Dr Paraskevi Dimitriadi, a private gynaecologist in London, told MailOnline it could also lead to problems with fertility.

Jewliah takes TikTok followers through Vabbing

Bacteria on women’s fingers can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, where the bugs spread from the cervix to organs higher up, Dr Dimitriadi said.

This can lead to scarring in the fallopian tubes, making it difficult for fertilised eggs to reach the womb.

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