DISCOVER the King of Camouflage, the Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko found only in Madagascar

The biggest island nation off the Eastern Coast of Africa, Madagascar is home to the satanic leaf-tailed gecko, which scientists have named Uroplatus phantasticus.

The gecko, a master of camouflage.

The animal which looks much like the chameleon, especially for its camouflage abilities, is one of many species that have adapted to resemble plants.

Only the island of Madagascar, which is located off the coast of Africa, is home to the Satanic leaf-tailed gecko. It can be found in the country’s northern and central jungles.

However, this is not the only strange-looking animal native to Madagascar. Due to Madagascar’s isolation from its closest landmass, Africa, the species of animals there developed over time in their own unique ways to become the biodiversity hotspot it is today, in fact, over 90% of its wildlife is endemic.

The Madagascar lizard is also known for its near-perfect camouflage abilities.

The Madagascar Lizard on a tree.

So back to our Satan Leaf-tailed gecko. This beautiful gecko is a master of camouflage…This incredible lizard, unbelievably, can camouflage itself to resemble a dead leaf. This unique species can perfectly blend into its natural surroundings.

The satanic leaf-tailed gecko is a nocturnal reptile. During the day, they rest on tree branches or lie motionless over the dead leaves. They will blend into these surroundings in no time with their unique body shape and spectacular variability in colouration. And so, the gecko can avoid the threat from potential predators like birds and snakes.

Their incredible camouflage skills are not merely for show, it is to avoid threat. When facing a predator, they show off their bright red mouth by opening their jaws widely. In addition, they also display an erect tail, so that the gecko can confuse its predator and escape from its sight.

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