WOMAN kidnapped since April Tearfully recounts how she Escaped her Abductors[VIDEO]

A woman, Agnes Chieshe, the CEO and manager of Movic Restaurants in Abuja who was declared missing on April 21, 2022 has regained her freedom.

Mrs. Agnes Chieshe is now free.

Mrs. Chieshe, a younger sister to serial Benue State governorship contestant, Pharmacist Peter Chieshe appeared on Brekete Family radio to disclose her ordeal at the hands of the Kidnapper.

Joining her was her junior sister and daughter who could not hold back their tears.

Ordinary President AKA Ahmed Isah.

She recounted how she was abducted on that fateful day at around 8:55pm by Dynamic Market at Area 1, Abuja.

Agnes who runs Movic Restaurants located opposite Sokoto, Abia Houses beside Benue Plaza in Central Area, said(in Hausa) that she was nearly raped but God used one of her abductors to keep that from happening.

Still wearing the yellow blouse and jeans she was captured in, she said her abductors who drank and smoke weed, were instructed by the woman who ordered her abduction not to harm her.

The missing person’s notice back in April.

According to Ordinary President AKA Ahmed Isah, the founder and host of the talk show, Mrs. Chieshe who looked tartared and unkept would be allowed to clean up and taken to the hospital for checkup.

Watch the video here:

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