Spread of Monkey Pox more Common among Gays & Bisexuals- WHO Warns

The viral disease, monkey pox has continued to ravage Western nations after the World Health Organisation confirmed more than 200 confirmed cases in about 12 Western countries.

Symptoms include fever, aches and rashes all over the body. According to the WHO, monkey pox likely spreads between humans, through large respiratory droplets that only travel a few feet, requiring prolonged face-to-face contact.

It can also spread through bodily fluids, lesions and contaminated clothes or bedding.

Although it originated in West and Central Africa(Nigeria inclusive), majority of monkey pox patients in the West have had no contact with people from those regions of Africa.

Cases of monkeypox in non-endemic countries reported to WHO between 13 to 21 May 2022

The international health body has confirmed two vaccines available at the moment- one which is specifically for monkey pox, and the other an older vaccine for small pox. However, a doctor, Kurt Zaeske who had monkey pox as far back as 2003, said he treated it with antibiotic and was healed.

Current available evidence suggests that those who are most at risk are those who have had close physical contact with someone with monkeypox, while they are symptomatic.

The Centre for Disease Control(CDC) has said for members of the public, the virus is not something of serious concern.

The World Health Organisation has come up with a theory it shared with the Associated Press(AP), that the spread of the virus is more common amongst homosexual and bisexual men.

Both the CDC and the WHO have urged members of the public to stay on alert, noting that while the spread is more common amongst gays, anyone can still be infected regardless of their sexual orientation.


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