Ini Umoren’s Killer, Uduak Akpan Resisted Handcuffs, tried Suicide by Cop after Death Sentence- Hundeyin

Akpan before and after he was put in the van.

The killer of late Iniubong Umoren was on Thursday sentenced to death by hanging.

However it was not without drama. The 21-year-old killer was reported to have tried strangulating a lawyer that was standing by after his sentence was read out.

According to popular Nigerian social media influencer and investigative journalist, David Hundeyin, the rapist who used to sell his victims parts to ritualists was trying to commit suicide by cop.

Hundeyin said, “Just came off the phone with Ifiok, Ini Umoren’s sister who was at the court today.”

His victim for which he’s to die.

“She said that after his verdict and sentence was read out, Uduak Akpan resisted handcuffing and tried to strangle one of the lawyers in the courtroom before he was overpowered.”

He added that “I think he was trying to commit suicide by cop.”

In a video obtained by Switch Nigeria, Mr. Akpan was seen manhandled by prison wardens as he was grabbed by four men and forcefully dragged into the prison van.

“Suicide by cop” is a term used by law enforcement officers to describe an incident in which a suicidal individual intentionally engages in life-threatening and criminal behavior with a lethal weapon or what appears to be a lethal weapon toward law enforcement officers or civilians to specifically provoke officers to shoot the suicidal individual in self-defense or to protect civilians.

According to a study on the technique, suicide by cop is an actual form of suicide. The most appropriate term for this phenomenon however is law enforcement-forced-assisted suicide.

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