85-year-old Nigerian-born Doctor gets 3-year Prison Term for Killing his Patient

A Nigerian-born medical doctor practicing in the United Kingdom has been sentenced to a 3-year jail term for manslaughter.

Dr. Isyaka Mamman is serving a 3 year prison term for gross negligence manslaughter.

Dr. Isyaka Mamman who is 85 years carelessly carried out a heart procedure on then 48-year-old Shahida Parveen at Royal Oldham Hospital in 2018, which led to her death.

According to reports, Dr. Mamman who was suspended for age falsification, had in the past hodgepodgely carried out a similar operation that left his patient either paralysed or in worse condition.

The then 81-year old had carried out the procedure, which led to Shahida’s death after he pierced her heart sac with a wrong needle.

It was gathered that the deceased and her husband told the doctor to abort the procedure but he persisted and went ahead with it, which led to her death on the same day in September of 2018.

With the wrong biopsy needle, Mamman missed the bone and pierced her pericardium, the sac containing the heart, causing massive internal bleeding.

Nigerian-born UK-based medical doctor, Isyaka Mamman used the wrong needle on a patient resulting in her death.

In her final verdict on July 5, 2022, the presiding judge, Mrs Justice Yip criticised both the defendant and the hospital that employed him, saying there is a “troubling background” to the case with the doctor’s age and two prior critical incidents in 2015.

She said: “It is hard to understand why these incidents did not lead to your retirement.”

“Equally it is difficult to see why the trust did not do more and why you were allowed to continue to work. Sadly there were failings in the system. It is very sad to see a long career in medicine end in such dreadful circumstances.”

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