Very True, 99% Of Single Ladies Living Alone Do Not Pay Their House Rent By Themselves But By Married Men – Lady

A female facebook user, Lazarus Everista, says many single ladies living alone do not pay their house rents by themselves, but by married men.

Everista was responding to a post made on a facebook page, Abingo SLAY KING.

In the post, which has been generating divergent comments or views, the admin wrote that through his research, 99% of single ladies living alone do not pay their house rents with their own money.

The post added that rather, their rent is paid by peoples’ husbands.

Abingo SLAY KING wrote, “through my research,99% of single ladies living alone don’t pay their house rents with their own money, their rent is been paid by people’s husband.”

Abingo SLAY KING post

The post did not however, state what method or kind of research was carried out to arrive at such a conclusion.

By this, it is safe to say that the “research” is not backed up by any survey.

It is not clear whether the post was just created to catch fun, as majority of posts on the page are often times funny.

But SWITCH NIGERIA understands that the issue of married men chasing after single ladies, better described as “side chicks” has reportedly gained a lot of prominence in recent times.

These men are said and believed to always spend a fortune on these side chicks by way of paying their bills and more.

Taking to the comment section of the post, Everista said the note is true, adding that she has several of such single women in her area.

Everista, who did not mention the name of her area or the state she is based, blasted both the single ladies and the married men.

She wrote, “Very true my dear,  I have many of them in my area snatching there fellow women”s husbands as if they are the cause of them being single mothers, so shameless set of people with stone heart with good for nothing husbands that allowed them selfs to be controlled by an ordinary akwuna kwuna  ( prostitutes).”

Everista’s post

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