Female Bosses Are Extremely Wicked – Man Recounts Frustrating Experience At Work, Quits

A facebook user, Mezye Vyktor Da Rugged has recalled his frustrating experience working with a female boss.

Da Rugged was reacting to a post on a facebook page, Hip Hop Ville, which talked about a brief biography of Nigerian rapper, Illbliss.

In the post, Illbliss, who narrated what he was doing before he fully ventured into music, said he used to work in a bank.

According to him, his female boss, Ijeoma made the work a hell for him, saying that once it was Sunday evening, he got depressed because he knew he would be at work on Monday and his boss would talk down on him and his team members and as well mount pressure on them.

He revealed that he had to quit the job once he could no longer take the curses from his female boss.

The facebook page quoted him as saying, “Before I started rapping, I used to be a banker. My boss made the work a hëll for me. Once it’s Sunday evening, I get dëpressed because I know I have to be at work on Monday. My boss would talk down on me & my team members, putting pressure on us.

“One day, after she had shouted & cürsed us for a slight mistake, I went to her table, looked her in the face & said, ‘Ijeoma, why are you always shouting? You know what. You can keep your fvcking job. I’m done’.

“That’s how I left my bank job & took music seriously” – #Illbliss.”

Hip Hop ville post

Taking to the comment section of the post, Da Rugged, said he had a similar experience at work with a female boss.

He argued that female bosses are extremely wicked, but said one just has to be grateful to them, because they push you to actualise your dreams fast enough.

He recalled his own experience where his former boss, Madam Bisi for frustrating him to quit her company with a low pay.

He however, thanked her for her treatment to him.

Da Rugged wrote, “Female bosses are extremely wic ked…but sometimes you just have to be grateful to them cause they help you actualize your dream fast by frustrating you to quit the job.

“Madam bisi God go bless you wherever you are for frustrating me to quit that ur use less company with low pay and much frustration.”

Da Rugged’s comment

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