Facebook Users Turn Buhari’s Tenure To Novel, Give It Different Funny Names

Funny titles have been given to President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure after a facebook user, Lukman Nura Abdullahi asked for a name that could be given to the current government were it to be a novel.

Abdullahi asked the question on a facebook page, “Things that makes you say chai”, a group known for posting funny clips, captions, notes and things that are very shocking or unbelievable.

President Buhari’s tenure is believed to have been characterised by raging insecurity and poverty amongst several others, making life very difficult for everyone, but most importantly, the common man.

Abdullahi had asked, “Assuming buhari tenure is a novel,What will be the name of the novel?”

Abdullahi’s post

As expected, his question generated so many responses, all in the negative light with titles that are funny and also serious.

Below are few responses this reporter was able to screenshot.

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