Avoid Fine Guys Who Love To Dress Good, Addicted To Taking Pictures, Else… – Lady

A facebook user,  Princess Scholastica has given a piece of advice to ladies regarding the kind of men they should not date or marry.

Scholastica gave the advice in reaction to a post made on facebook by Benue’s humanitarian, Ukan Kurugh.

Kurugh, in the terse statement, advised ladies to stay clear fine boys, most especially those with pink lips, if they want to have a good relationship, as according to him, they will destroy the live or lives of any lady.

He did not particularly say what kind of destruction or why such guys would ruin the lives of ladies, but SWITCH NIGERIA believes that such destruction could not be far from  heartbreaks, called in Nigeria local parlance “breakfast.”

He wrote, “Ladies, If you want  to have a good relationship, avoid fine boys especially those ones with pink lips. They will ruin you.”

Kurugh’s post

As expected, his post started generating reactions from his friends and fans, most especially, women on facebook.

Commenting on his post, one of the women, Scholastica, said aside fine guys with pink lips, ladies should also avoid those clean guys that love to dress good and loves taking pictures.

She advised ladies to give such guys a big space, otherwise they will not only ruin their lives, but also drain them, drain their pockets and kitchen.

Scholastica wrote, “And those fine Clean guy’s dat love to dress good & are addicted to taking pictures. Give Dem Miles away if not. They can not Only ruin u but also Drain u, drain ur pocket nd ur Kitchen 🤣🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃.”

Scholastica’s post

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