CAN Needs to Register with INEC to be a Political Party- Adamu Garba

The Christian Association of Nigeria’s directive to all Christians about who to vote ahead of the 2023 presidential election has been badly received by some.

Adamu Garba Talbo

Least of all by Garba Adamu, a former Senator from Yobe State. The 69-year-old who recently dumped the ruling APC party only to return after Bola Ahmed Tinubu picked Kashim Shettima as his running mate, expressed his angst at the CAN on Tuesday.

In a Twitter thread, Garba who has severally made inciting remarks and extremist Islamic views in the past, said CAN should stop stirring the already muddy political waters by making partisan statements.

This was in response to the umbrella Christian body’s directives to Christians, charging them to vote only a candidate that will allow for religious freedom, one who will be just and one who has a conscience.

Adamu said, “The way CAN dives into the political affairs of this country, advocating for personalities as opposed institutional objectivity that is enshrined in the combination of @officialABAT and @KashimSM ticked, means that CAN may soon have to register with INEC as a political party too(sic).”

“The foundation of CAN should be apolitical, a body of respected men and women of this country who should do more to bring moral consciousness to Nigerian. Even though we know that they’ve been against the APC, but using religion in politics is way below bar of responsibility. All religious, irrespective of their believes should kindly stay away from politics and let the electorate chose their candidates as required by democracy.

“We must be careful not to make toxic the already tensed environment we found ourselves today. Let politics be politics. Our generation cared more about food, shelter, good infrastructure, better healthcare system, sound education etc. We don’t care whether our leader is facing east or west. We simply need those things.

“We cannot allow religion to define the politics of this turbulent 21st century. Going through the global events from Russia-Ukrainian War, NATO/American Interest, China with BRICS partners drawing a thick violent lines, we must put our house in order to avoid the global hawks from taking advantage of our selfishly orchestrated political differences. Thanks.”

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