Omah Lay Attacks Ruger, Victony

It appears a war may likely break out in the Nigerian music industry, as some of the country’s young stars have started openly attacking each other.

The latest attack is from Singer, Omah Lay, who took a dig at his colleague, Ruger on Friday afternoon.

It all started after Ruger replied a troll, who compared him to his colleague singer, Buju, saying Buju was better than him in music.

The singer engaged the troll in a heated argument over the comparison during a question and answer session.

Comparing his musical skill to that of Buju who is now referred to as Bnxn, the troll insisted that Ruger was no match.

“Lol bnxn is better than you and there’s nothing you can do about it you this low budget Samuel L Jackson,” the troll wrote.

In response, Ruger affirmed that his career win so far has only been from his music without the influence of an external artist, unlike Bnxx.

“I love buju he’s good but he’s not better than me. Everything I’ve done since the beginning was only RUGER. All my hits are JUST RUGER. I’m always proud going on stage around the world with my own hits and everyone is singing along. You see the difference?” he stated.

Ruger’s tweet

However, taking to his verified twitter handle, Omah Lay tweeted seemed shocked, that Ruger even has the guts to talk about Buju on twitter.

Lay went further to recall that Ruger’s action was what fellow singer, Victony had done to him in similar fashion, accusing both of chasing clout and killed them kids.

He wrote, “Ruger get mind dey talk about bnxn like that for this app smh!! mofos do anything for clout out here, same way Victony lol my tweet the other time, y’all are really kids.”

Omah Lay’s tweet

It is not clear if Omah Lay is really out to attack Ruger or maybe just trying to use the the current situation to promote his debut album, Boy alone, which he released earlier today, like some fans are insinuating.

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