VIDEO: US Senator Twerks Upside-down in Campaign Video

A State Senator from the State of Rhode Island, United States, Tiara Mack, has posted a video of herself twerking upside down on a beach.

Tiara Mack is a state senator in Rhode Island. On July 4, 2022, she posted a video showing herself twerking TikTok that went viral.

The video clip which was posted on 4th July, 2022, is supposed to be her way of campaigning for her re-election.

In the clip, Mack who is of the Democrat Party, took a headstand position and could be seen twerking in her yellow bikini. The person filming could be heard saying: “That ass, that ass.”

After that, she faced the camera and said “vote Senator Mack.”

Mack who is 28, assumed office on January 5, 2021, having defeated the sitting Harold Metts in the Democratic primary. Mack is the first openly queer Black person elected to the Rhode Island Senate.

The clip has been viewed 106,000 times and has divided opinion among viewers. Some have slammed the senator for having “no class” meanwhile others have praised her for showing that politicians can still have some personality.

The clip generated a debate after it went viral, with many faulting her for not showing respect for her office. Others lamented that there are many ways to promote the things she stands for, other than doing what she did.

However, others sided with her, calling her ‘brave,’ and insisting politicians are human beings and they have a life too.

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