VIDEO: Benue ‘Fake’ Facebook Millionaire Turns ‘Agbero’, Attempts To ‘Hijack’ Moving Commercial Bus

An acclaimed man of God, who also claims to be a millionaire on facebook, Solomon Semaka, has been captured on camera addressing himself as an “agbero”, a derogatory word for a tout or street urchin.

In the video, Semaka can be seen in a hot verbal altercation and fighting with ladies, passengers and the driver of a commercial bus in which he is a passenger.

He was captured trying to take over the steering of the bus from the driver while the vehicle was still in motion in a desperate bid to force him to stop, which appeared like car hijacking scene.

His attempt to force the driver to stop was however, thwarted by some female passengers whom he raved and ranted at, shouting several times “I am an agbero o!”

Semaka’s anger was borne out of his request to be dropped at a particular point and the request was turned down by the driver for the reason that the point was not a designated bus stop.

The self acclaimed millionaire hails from Vandeikya local government area of Benue State and had sought elective position at the state House of Assembly to represent his constituency.

He is also the Convener of the Save Nigeria Movement, a pro-democracy group.

Reports say Semaka is best remembered for a number of things none of which is noble or positive.

Last year, he addressed a press conference in Abuja, at which surrounded by cheering Fulani men, he carpeted his Tiv kinsmen as troublesome and antagonistic to the Fulani whom he said were peace-loving and not guilty of the killings they were being accused of.

He was reported to have been rewarded a paltry N700.000 only for that outing.

Reports further alleged that he is widely known to always boast on Facebook about how he is a millionaire living large in Abuja.

Below is the video of commercial bus encounter:

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