Man Arrested for Raping 12-year-old 500 times, forcing her to Abort 7 Pregnancies

A 52-year-old man has reportedly landed in Florida Police net for raping a 12-year old for at least 500 times.

Wiley Jr.

The black man, Leon N. Wiley Jr., 52, of Flagler County, Florida has been in the act for about a decade.

The victim, who is now 21, said Wiley raped her at least thrice a day, and would often take her to abortion clinics where she has aborted 7 pregnancies.

During that time from when she was 12 to last year when she turned 21, she said Wiley sometimes brought other men from outside to also abuse her.

The Police said they are investigating if he also raped the victim’s 7 year old daughter, as they suspect sex trafficking may have been involved as well.

Wiley faces numerous charges, including first- and second-degree sexual battery and tampering with a witness, according to Flagler Reports.

The victim told police that she had not come forward sooner because she was afraid, but she decided to report Wiley after she feared he may be sexually abusing her daughter.

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